Privacy Policy

Matrix Cab's privacy policy document is the electronic record in the form of the electronic contract made under the information technology act 2000. The rule made thereunder is an amended provision about the electronic document in various statutes as amended by the act.

This privacy policy document does not require any physical or digital signature.


This document is prepared and published and shall be construed in accordance with the provision of the information technology rule, 2011 under the information technology act, 2000, which requires publishing the privacy policy for the information collection, uses and storage and transfer of the sensitive data or information.


It is advised to read the privacy document very carefully. Using the website, you indicate that you understood and agreed with the privacy policy document and consent to it.


Data Protection and Privacy Policy:


Matrix cab is owned by Matrix cab ( By using the website or service offered or advertised through it, you consent us to process your personal information set forth in the privacy policy. Keep in mind that Matrix cab can make amendments to the privacy policy from time to time to improve the service, and all the services are controlled under the agreement subscribed by the users.


What information we collect:

When you access a car rental service with Matrix Cab, you provide us with your personal information, including your first name, last name, email address, home address, postal address, phone number, demographic data, identification, and proof we ask for. You will provide our car rental service at the time of renting, and we can use your personal information to provide better service towards our service to you.


We may collect your non-personal information:

We may also collect your non-personal information such as internet browser, IP address, etc. We may use such information to send offer notifications, winning prizes and others. Overall our primary perspective is to collect such information to provide effective service to our esteemed customers. We may also disclose your information to our prospective partners, advertised, third-party service providers for processing to improve the service. Still, such statistics will not include your personal identifying information.


Data Security:

Matrix cab employs best-in-industry tools to use a standard security mechanism to secure your sensitive data and prevent unauthorized access. We always maintain data accuracy and make sure correct use of the information. We are not liable for any kind of information theft as all the information collection processes are being done over the wireless network, and we do not provide any guarantee for security.


Data retention period:

We may retain your personal information in our database; even you are not visiting the website regularly. We may keep your personal data for upto five years in accordance with the regulatory requirement. If you have any objections to our data retention policy, you may contact our Grievance officers.


Your Rights:

We understand and respect your rights, allowing you to use your rights. You can ask such things like

  • How we collect and process your personal information
  • Why we perform information collection activities
  • How you exercise your rights

To whom you should contact in the event if you are not happy with our performance.


Your information rights are:

  • Right to be informed
  • Right to access
  • Right to rectification
  • Right to restrict processing
  • Right to the data portability
  • Right to object


Use of cookies:

A cookie is a small text file that we may place in your computer's browser. It does not contain any kind of personal information. Still, it enables us to relate your use of this site to the information that you expressly provided, but you use to site information that you have explicitly offered provided. The cookie can read off your hard disk data created to track user traffic patterns. We use cookie information to track ad impressions and click rates. You are eligible to refuse the cookie by disabling it through the browser, but by doing such an event, you cannot access our website's special features.


Update the policy:

We have the sole right to make changes in the policy from time to time without informing users. We will post necessary changes in the privacy policy on the website without prior notice to you. It is advised to review the policy every time to see changes. By the continuous use of the website, you consent to agree with the revised privacy policy.


Third-party link:

Matrix cab may contain several other third-party website links such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. The information collected by the third party, including the location, data and contact details, is governed by the privacy practice. We always encourage you to go through the privacy practice of the third-party website, and we are not responsible for a third-party website privacy policy.


Contact us in case of dispute:

If you find any kind of discrepancies relating to the collection, storage, use, transfer of your personal information under the policy, please contact